Monday, January 14, 2008

The New Year is underway.

Monday January 14, 2008. A new year and my first post. This almost means my first writing of the New Year. A late start, but a start nonetheless. Where will it go? We will see.

I should note that the New Year really began today for me. It is Monday following the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Advent and Christmas are over.

This is not quite my first writing this year. I have been working on my Book of Hours. Anyone out there creating your own Book of Hours for use in prayer?

All we know is this world, in the conventional meaning of “know.” But what is the conventional meaning of know, or any other word for that matter?

The following is from a Steven Pinker piece in this past Sunday’s NYT’s Sunday Magazine. I hope Christians can learn to think about the world and morality in a real, rational sort of way.

“Which of the following people would you say is the most admirable: Mother Teresa, Bill Gates or Norman Borlaug? And which do you think is the least admirable? For most people, it’s an easy question. Mother Teresa, famous for ministering to the poor in Calcutta, has been beatified by the Vatican, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and ranked in an American poll as the most admired person of the 20th century. Bill Gates, infamous for giving us the Microsoft dancing paper clip and the blue screen of death, has been decapitated in effigy in “I Hate Gates” Web sites and hit with a pie in the face. As for Norman Borlaug . . . who the heck is Norman Borlaug?”

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